Cutting wasteful spending

Politicians in Washington are simply spending too much money. They have not taken the debt crisis seriously, even as it has become one of the biggest threats to the future of our country. Max believes that the federal government must cut spending immediately and establish reforms that bring our long-term debt crisis under control and he will fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the constitution.

Cost of living

Bidenomics is a failure that has increased the cost of food and goods for every American family, increased inflation, and driven energy costs through the roof. Like Trump, Max supports an America First agenda that keeps jobs here in the United States, Indiana, and the 5th district. He will prioritize policies that put the American worker first. Low taxes, less regulation, and a government that isn’t in our wallet should be Congress’ focus.

Strong Border

The wide-open U.S. border is an immediate threat to our national security. Drugs, crime, and illegal aliens (including some on the terrorist watch list), are pouring across our border every day. Max believes we must secure the border on day one. The drug epidemic ravaging our schools and communities is a direct result of the failed border policies of Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas – they must be held accountable. We need to finish the wall, deploy and support more agents on the border, and deport those here illegally.

Fighting for the unborn

As a father of four and a Christian, Max believes that all life is sacred, both born and unborn, and that families, mothers, and children must be loved and protected at every stage of life. This includes ensuring that fathers share in the responsibility of parenthood and are incentivized to work and provide for their children. He will work to enact life-affirming policies that protect the innocent and block the far-left’s horrific attempts to allow full term and post-birth abortion.

defending the constitution

Max believes that law-abiding citizens should not be vilified for protecting themselves and their families, and that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution should be protected at all costs. The 1st Amendment is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, and both are key to ensuring our democracy. To ensure public service isn’t turned into a career by lifelong politicians, Max will support a constitutional amendment adding term limits for Members of Congress – Senators would be limited to two six-year terms and Representatives to six two-year terms.

Energy Independence

We need energy that is affordable and reliable – thankfully we have it right here in the United States. Reliance on foreign oil from adversaries like Russia and Iran is planned failure. Max believes that America needs to end Biden-era prohibitions and expand all forms of energy production to get gas prices under control, restore America’s sound energy policy, and bring economic relief to working families.


Hospital bills and healthcare costs continue to rise as Democrats in Washington are focused on over-regulation and expensive government programs instead of reform, fraud prevention, and market-based solutions. Max believes we should allow small businesses to buy health insurance across state lines, utilize Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), foster innovation in healthcare, and clean up waste, fraud, and abuse inside the system.

protecting our veterans

America’s heroes deserve the absolute best when serving abroad and when they return home. Max believes we must streamline and simplify VA healthcare, codify access and timeliness standards, and increase transparency so veterans receive the healthcare they have earned. In addition, we must invest more resources into economic opportunities, mental health treatment, and suicide prevention resources to ensure our veterans can provide for themselves and their families during and after their service. I commit to opening a congressional office inside of the Marion VA Hospital to ensure proper oversight and veterans' care.


Despite spending trillions of dollars on public education, America’s schools are crumbling, test scores and attendance are declining, and America’s youth are falling behind. As a father, Max believes in improving the quality of education for all students, no matter if they attend public, private, charter, home, or technical schools. This includes the support of good teachers and promotion of school choice, vouchers, and tax credits to allow funding to follow each child to the school best suited for their learning needs. In addition, parents are the primary authority of their children and have the right to view the school’s curriculum and budget, to be notified of any violent activity in school, and to lawfully engage their school boards.

Safety & security

America’s police officers deserve our gratitude, but they also deserve our unwavering support. The radical left’s assault on our men and women in uniform is disgusting, and their attempts to defund police departments has led to widespread violence and crime. Max believes in fully funding our law enforcement departments, supporting strong prosecutors who enforce the law, and building a culture of appreciation for the officers and officials who lead and secure our communities.


Max believes that farmers and ranchers are the backbone of our economy and a key to the success of our country. We must reduce the regulatory burden, ensure family farms can hand off their businesses between generations, and help improve access to rural healthcare, broadband, and childcare. Additionally, Max will fight to ensure China and adversarial nations are prevented from acquiring US assets, trade secrets, and land so America’s food supply and military installations are never put in jeopardy.

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